Tips to be followed while purchasing Readymade House

These days getting a house constructed is a huge challenge so mostly people buy the apartments or houses already constructed to avoid burden. But while selecting such houses there are tips to be kept in mind as per Vastu to avoid putting oneself into any kind of troubles.


If you are choosing to buy an apartment then the entrance to the block is considered as main entrance. South and West entrance should be avoided as they absorbs evening infrared rays and affect the health of the resident. The entrance should be in north east or north direction and there should be enough open space in the building.


Natural light holds a great importance as per Vastu so it should be made sure that ample light is emitted into the apartment and there is good cross ventilation. The apartments facing East and North direction having balconies and windows in the same direction are ideal. The morning light brings positivity in the room. As afternoon infrared rays are harmful so having windows and entrance in west and south are not recommendable. The windows on the south-west and south wall should be small to protect it from harmful rays. As per Vastu the house should not have common wall with neighbourhood as it brings mixed energies and there should be open space left on all side of the building. The sunrays are not harmful from North and East and thus there should be more space left towards North and East of the building as compared to West and South sides.


The kitchen should in the North East direction. Since this part welcomes morning sun rays it is best for living room or meditation room as well. South East corner is best for Kitchen.


As per Vastu the centre of the house or apartment should be light so no rooms, kitchen or toilets should be there at the centre. This will give spacious look to the apartment. Living room should be at the centre, so all the rooms can access it easily.


Early morning sun rays are rich of ultraviolet rays which help in purifying the water. So the tank should be in the North East corner of the roof. Plastic water tank should not be used and in case it is plastic it should be of dark colour to allow the absorption of sun rays.


Toilets and bathrooms of the flat should be in South West corner or in south direction. In India flow of wind is in South West and North East direction and so if the toilet is in North East direction wind will enter the room and contaminate the room and toilet.


The best place for Kid’s room is North East or North West direction. To avoid harmful sun rays the windows in the room should be on North Wall. This will assure light in the room with no harmful rays entering the room.


The building block to the South should be the tallest as compared to the other blocks in the building. This protects all the blocks from harmful rays of the sun. The play area, garden and other open spaces should be to the North or East of the block. The colour of the wall should never be black, red or dark blue as they may absorb sun rays and heat the apartments. Generators, transformers etc should be installed outside the apartments and should be in South East corner of the building. The staircase and lift should be in South West corner of the building as they act as buffer zone and keep sunrays away from building.


There should be well constructed core to the building and the lift should be adjacent to the staircase to allow circulation. The staircase and lift should be in South West corner to keep the hot sunrays away from the building.